After a long period working for a civil contractor (VHB-VSCE), and 6 years till 2005 as a consultant in Infrastructural Works (Nebest), I started at 1 Juli 2011 my own Consultancy in the Concrete Technology. Specialities are Concrete Technology in young and old concrete, Material Technology, Inspection and Expertise in the Infrastructure, new and renovation.


Services in The Netherlands and abroad, with experience in the Caribbean, VAE, Congo, Benin, Surinam and several European Countries.

      • Concrete Technology
      • Technical Inspections Services (TIS)
      • Expertise
      • Concrete repair
      • Windmill foundations


      • Bridges
      • Tunnels
      • Harbours
      • Windparcs
      • Industrial projects

Already my second lustrum now as Beton@, please pronounce with accent as my first name Ed, and thanks for the confidence and projects worked on.


Best Regards

Ed Freriks BSc

Mobile: 0031.6.23569647

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